When we stand in front of the work of art, we ask ourselves if we are looking at it or if it is the work itself that directs its gaze towards us, throwing a deep question back about where the boundary lies between the work, the artist and the viewer. Can we know something about the artist through his work, can we trust that both the artist’s gaze and the viewer’s gaze are transparent?

 Can we communicate through a glance? In the case of Ismael Cervantes, this limit becomes visible, because, through his work, he undresses before the viewer with the subtlety and delicacy of maintaining a certain distance, of not invading our gaze with his gaze. Through the realization of an introspective, autobiographical and intimate practice, he offers us the chance to get closer to his reality, which transits those margins that we have not yet integrated or assumed as configuring to our own reality, always biased, always conditioned. Painting, drawing, video and digital image are just some of the tools that bring us closer to the exploration and identity introspection that the artist carries out, tools to communicate and reveal the limit that distinguishes and equals us, to integrate ourselves within his gaze. 


Exposición individual ”Intrapersonal” en UCLM, 2020. Spain, Cuenca.

Exposición individual “Ojo de la Luna” en DesingFesta Gallery, 2019. Japan, Tokio.


Exposición colectiva “Fiel a mis recuerdos, mi esencia, a mi yo” en UCLM, 2021. Spain, Cuenca.

Exposición colectiva “El primero” en El chico., 2021. Spain, Madrid.

Exposición colectiva en “Horror Vacui” en Espacio Kanoko, 2020. Spain, Cuenca.

Exposición colectiva en “PandemicShowroom”, 2020. Spain.

Exposición en la “Feria del Libro e Ilustradores” de Vicente López, 2016. Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Exposición colectiva en Escuela Provincial de Artes Visuales Juan Mantovani, 2015. Argentina, Santa Fe.


Primer premio“KAI New year card contest”, 2018. Japan, Tokio.

Dos menciones en el campo de Expresión Visual en la 12ª Bienal De Arte Joven, 2016. Argentina, Santa Fe.

Primer Premio en el Concurso de la Historieta “Aquella Canción”, organizado por la Fundación El Libro en la 25°Feria del Libro Infantil y Juvenil, 2015. Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Mención en el campo de Expresión Visual en la 11ª Bienal de Arte Joven, 2014. Argentina, Santa Fe.

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